My son came into the Sherman ER because he was having a hard time breathing. He ended up being admitted and I have to say that the level of care and concern from every single staff member we saw was incredible.

Dr. Coker was amazing. She listened and addressed all of my concerns and when my son had a reaction to a medication she stayed in the room and watched him instead of just rushing in, ordering benadryl and rushing out. All of the nurses and the assistants were wonderful with my son, and even though it was one of the scariest nights for me, I left feeling comforted that he had received the highest level of care available. Keep up the good work…whatever is being done to attract and keep such wonderful employees is paying off.


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter about my stay at Sherman Hospital from October 2nd until the 8th. When I arrived, I was welcomed by a warm and informative staff at the information desk. Then on to the staff that preps you for surgery and the surgeon and the nurses, aids and others. Specifically, Dr. Raul Aron, he is a surgeon that goes beyond the bounds of doctor/patient relationships for he becomes part of the family. I felt protected and I appreciated his guidance, expertise and tutelage. I also want to include my family physician, Dr. Debbie Tungol who watches over her patients so closely.

I want to thank the post surgery nurses, aids and support staff, it appears to me that they out-do each other in representing their particular skill. The last day typified the staff’s professionalism in the form of Meena who went the extra mile to see to my needs, almost as if she could read my mind and delivered services before I asked.

This example of my experience is truly what Health Care is all about, that is – the personal interaction of medical professionals and their patient. Thanks to all Sherman and God bless.

I was treated in your ER on the morning of Thursday September 20th. I want to take the time in which to let you know of how impressed I was with the staff that morning. From the moment I got there till I was released, I was given excellent attention and care.

One thing that really stood out, was the listening. By that I mean, all too often one will run into staff members that are there, but do not hear what the patient is telling them.

I highly would like commend Dr. Michael Sims who attended to me. I come from Milwaukee, now live in Sun City in Huntley, where in Milwaukee I had tremendous doctors.

When you find a doctor you trust, then you have in indeed found a person whom you would like to have as Your Personal Doctor.

Dr. Sims impressed me such, and I only wished that he practiced in the field of a Family Practice. For indeed, I need to find such a doctor here in the area.

Mainly though I wanted to write and express my gratitude to have found such a ‘Personal’ touch at Sherman. That means a lot to me. Even though I had to go to the ER for symptoms of which I thought were related to a heart attack, happily though it wasn’t. What I did find though, was a Hospital with a heart. I do sincerely mean that.

Thomas, Huntley Resident

immediate care elginAnnette in Elgin recently finished up physical therapy at Sherman’s South Elgin facility (2000 McDonald Rd in South Elgin). On top of therapy and rehabilitation services, our Immediate Care Centers offer flu shot clinics, school & sports physicals, occupational health services, x-ray, CT, ultrasound, and mammography.

Remember that sometimes, if you’re in need of prompt medical attention, the emergency room isn’t the best place to go. Use Sherman Immediate Care for fever, vomiting, diarrhea, colds, minor burns, infections/rashes, fractures, strains, and general wounds.

Thank you to Annette for the exceedingly kind letter to Jill and the team at South Elgin Immediate Care!

“I just wanted to send a note telling you how wonderful my experience at the South Elgin physical therapy clinic was. Jill Cluver worked my knee for 2 months. She was wonderful and I could have not done this rehab without her. There were times I was fustrated and discouraged with the recovery time, but she helped me put it into perspective and gave me hope.

This was the first physical therapist that has done that (I have had a couple in the past and they didn’t care about the pt but they did about the money). She truly is in my heart and I thank her for all her hard work!”

Below is a story submitted by Audriana about a recent Sherman Health experience she had. Do you know the anonymous nurse who helped Audriana when she needed it? If so, let us know in the comments section or on the Sherman Health Facebook page!

sherman hospital testimonial

With the birth of my second daughter, I once again had a wonderful experience with Sherman. All the nurses and doctors from begining to end were wonderful. Despite the unfortunate situation I ended up being in with my newborn, my stay was still something to rave about. Dr. Daniel Polk in the special care nursery is an amazing doctor. His joyful spirit was contagious and helped uplift the entire feel of the special care unit when he was there. Dr. Polk makes the world a better place with his spirit. Sherman is lucky to have him.

I also wanted to send a special thanks to a few of the nurses in the special care unit on his team. I don’t know their last names, but it was Deb, Anne and Teri. My daughter was in the special care nursery for a little over a month and I was there every day. Without the kind support and shoulders of him and his team, I would have probably lost my mind. Thank you, Sherman. I could not have asked for a better place to have my babies.


I’m sending my compliments to the nurses on the 5th floor A, for taking such great care of me during my hospital stay.

I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and compassion. They are just amamzing! Such a great hospital and staff! From the ER to the doctors and nurses and cafeteria staff ~ you are all wonderful and should be complimented on your kindness, attentiveness, compassion, and the great care you all provided me. Thank you all so very, very much!


From Alice:
On Thursday 7/12/12 I had an MRI done mid-morning, Matt and the man that did the actual MRI were both perfect gentlemen. Both were very polite and very helpful. You should be very glad you have employees like them.

From Helen:
I was at Sherman 3 times this week for different things and every experience I had was good but the best care I received was from Sandy in the Outpatient Lab. She really went out of her way to make me comfortable.

She was so good that even somebody in my position – 6 months pregnant and having fasted for over 12 hours for my glucose test – even though I had all of that going on she managed to make me feel better. I hope that she is recognized and appreciated by Sherman for the work she does and the care she provides.

I came to your ER on 7/3 and was immediately greeted by 3 of your employees (2 nurses and an admin). I was in severe discomfort as I had thrown out my back. The nurses went straight to work on doing everything they could to ease my pain.

After doing the normal procedures I was taken back to X-Ray where the technician was awesome. He understood my pain level and did what he could do to get his job done and still make sure I didn’t incur any additional pain. When the X-Ray didn’t show anything the decision was made to send me to the CDU for the night where I met my nurse, Chris.

Chris was absolutely fantastic. Her bedside manner exhibited caring and compassion and she continued the trend of everyone trying to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. Chris worked her overnight shift and checked on me whenever I hit the button.

Colleen was my day nurse and the caring and compassion continued. These two ladies made my 3 days there as comfortable as could be considering I have a herniated disc and a pinched nerve. There was one other nurse whose name I don’t remember who even told me where the fireworks would be on the 4th so I was able to see them out of my room window. My MRI tech (Jared) was also very friendly and eased any concerns I had about the MRI since I had never had one before.

Thank you very much for employing such compassionate and caring nurses and technicians. As my wife and I look for a hospital to have our baby in the future there is no question which hospital we will go to. Thanks again, words cannot fully describe my appreciation for your people.

This morning I had some tests done at Sherman Hospital, an Ultrasound and an Upper GI. I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedures but the staff in radiology immediately put me at ease.

Joann did my Ultrasound and she was efficient, professional and had a calm, caring demeanor. I then had the Upper GI with Dr. Yank and Nimisha, both of whom made sincere efforts to put me at ease and reassure me that I would do fine during the test. All of the professionals with whom I worked today genuinely cared about my well-being. How lovely it is to meet people who really like what they do for a living.

I never had the feeling that I was just another name on their list of patients for the day. Instead I was made to feel that I mattered to them and I have had enough tests in various hospitals over the years to know that is not always the case.

Thank you for having such a wonderfully dedicated staff. I hope not to have more tests anytime soon, but should it be necessary to do so, I know that I am in caring, capable hands at Sherman Hospital.

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