My son had a tonsillectomy in the beginning of June and the surgical nurses were exceptional, they provided great care and made me feel at ease. They are the true champions of Sherman’s vision and mission. I have also been working for Sherman for about one year, I was sent to same day surgery to practice iv starts – the experience I received was just phenomenal and incredible, what a cohesive team, everybody working together and genuinely caring about their team members, positive, very respectful, calm, gentle and full of kindness.

This is by far the best experience I have had at Sherman as a team member to date with exception of the adult medical floor- we rock! This is the kind of team every floor should take notes from. They made such a lasting impression that I will carry for the rest of my nursing career. Thanks again to the following nurses namely Tina who was the charge nurse – always calm even amidst chaos she never showed any stress, made you feel at ease and very respectful. Debbie – informative, very patient and kind. Jean – makes you feel comfortable with a burst of energy. SUE – what a gentle soul. They represent what nursing is all about and I will always be grateful for the experience. I was truly inspired.